Friday, October 01, 2010

Sculptris test #0001

A quick test done with a mouse. Sculptris rocks, go and check it

(Screen captures.)


  1. Should I speak English on this blog? Is that second pic yours? Interesting tool of drawing. I have seen the linked video and... wow, you can create like a god from the mud... Create the beauties and the monsters. It's kinda scary...

    Sketch blog - good idea! :-)

  2. If you want than yes English is a good choice :) Both are mine. One can create every creature in this program, only I had no time to learn how to use it, yet, these are simple tests. It really works the way the video shows.
    I already have sketchbooks at art forums, here I may drop something from time to time ;)

  3. (One more quickie added to post.)

  4. First pic - looks like funny devil balloon fish ;-) I think these faces from sculptris would frighten me. No, I don't like it. Strange faces, almost human but not quite...